Fashion jewelry can well help deliver you a sense of charm and fascinating. If you have much of fashion jewelry in the collection, you might learn a lot for fashion or costume jewelry itself. These jewelry pieces are the cheap replacement for those expensive fine jewelry, e.g gold, silver, diamond, pearl and some rare gemstone. Usually, these types of jewelry are made with cheap materials, but the problem is they might lose the charming and sparklingness very soon. If you do care them properly and give enough maintenance during the lifespan, you can definitely wear these fashion jewelry for a long time.

There are many methods to clean and care jewelry. Depending on what types of jewelry you have, you can use toothbrush and toothpaste to clean those silver sterling, gold, and some soft gemstone jewelry. The drawback is it will cost you more manual work. It is acceptable if you only have a few pieces in the collection. However, if you have large amount of jewelry in hand, you had better seek more powerful and efficient solution.

ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

Cleaning jewelry via ultrasonic wave is increasingly becoming popular since ultrasonic jewelry cleaner presents on the market. Actually, ultrasonic cleaning principle was proved many years ago, but haven’t used it for jewelry cleaning only until recent years.

These ultrasonic cleaners work with an inset device, called transducer, which can transform electronic power into the ultra sound wave. These sound wave can travel through water and then create thousands of tiny water bubble. Once these small bubbles collapsed, some extreme power is released to blow away any grime and particles on the surface of jewelry items. You can imagine that cleaning with such ultrasonic machine can give very deep and completed cleaning. They can reach the deep groove and hole where manual work could not do usually.

Normally, there is a circle set on the panel of this cleaning machine. So, users can preset a few cleaning circle to fit the own needs. Actually, these cleaning circle process can give very powerful flush to any item in the water tank. Therefore, it is not recommended to clean that valuable jewelry, e.g sterling silver, natural pearls beads and diamond etc. For another, if your jewelry has many charm beads or very fragile, you should not clean them via ultrasonic cleaning machine either.

Most of other users just put in a hand of fashion jewelry pieces into the water tank, then pre-set the cleaning circle for the best performance. After ten or fifteen mins, your dirty and dark jewelry are just resumed to the fresh sparklingness. Indeed, a good ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can effectively save you much effort, time and even cost for professional jewelers. A home used ultrasonic cleaner is getting popularity among more home owners. Additionally, this portable cleaning machine can not only clean up jewelry pieces but also perform excellently on cleaning many other small items, e.g eyeglasses, small widgets, watches, and coins.